VIP Member List

VIP Members Access...

I get asked every day how can I get priority access to the deals?

As a result I am launching a VIP Members List. If you are wanting priority on the deals we send out then this is the only way to see our deals before the normal free to join list.

Remember unless you’re on either the free or VIP list you will not see the deals, We do not advertise anywhere else.

As a VIP you will receive the deals on Monday afternoon at 2pm.

The benefits of becoming a VIP Member:

  • You will get access to all Deals before we offer it to our Free list.
  • We will on occasion send live deals out to our VIP List – as soon as the deals is ready we may send these out to you.
  • You will be entitled to a 5% discount on the finder’s fee which you pay on the first 3 purchases.
  • You will be entitles to a 10 % discount on any finder’s fee for any further properties you buy

So if you are a serious investor looking for great property being on the VIP list is a must as the best deals are likely to be reserved by VIP members.

Membership costs £24.99 per month, You are free to cancel at any time and not tied into any contracts.